What to visit

Hotel Golfo, ex Villa Bianchi

Via Roma, 1
Headquarter of the Fascist Republican Party, as well as the headquarter of the Black Brigades with Alessandro...

Villa Caprera

Via S. Pietro,
Headquarter of the National Republican Guard. A lot of anti-fascist militants were imprisoned here.

Ex Villa Cavallero

Via Lungolago Zanardelli,
Situated along the promenade in Maderno, it was Pavolini’s personal residence and office.

Hotel Bristol, Lungolago Maderno

Via Lungolago Zanardelli,
This impressive building was built towards the end of the 19th century, with the name of “Villa...

Primary School

Via Tito Speri, 3
It was the Interior Ministry’s headquarter. Here, besides the Police’s head offices, there...

Ex Villa Bassetti

Via Roma,
Now an apartment building, it is located on the border with Gardone Riviera: It was the head office of...

Villa Gemma

Via Roma,
It was property of the Triboldi family from Brescia, it is located on the way to Fasano, and it hosted...

Villa Mimosa

via Roma,
Located in Bornico: headquarter of the German military command.

Villa Serenella

Via Aquilani, 52
Via Aquilani, Maderno: It was the residence of Gian Battista Riggo, an activist of the fascist militia,...

Bonaspetti's House

Via Promontorio,
Headquarter of the Republican Police department, composed by local auxiliary agents.

Camping Toscolano

Via Religione,
Close to the surrounding walls, where the tennis courts are now located, during the Italian Social Republic...

Farmland Andreoli

Via Bellini,
Close to the bridge, the independent company called “Bir el Glob”, commanded by...

Monument "Bella Italia"

P.zza San Marco,
In San Marco square you can admire the monument named “Bella Italia”, inaugurated in 1909...

Column with St. Mark's lion

Piazza S. Marco,
The original column, which represented a winged lion in stone with the Gospel, was raised by madernesi...

The castle

Via Lungolago Zanardelli,
In 1279 at the extremity of the square there was an imposing castle with walls surrounded by a double...

Saint Ercolano's statue

Via Roma,
The marble statue is dedicated to St. Ercolano, the patron saint of Maderno and also of Riviera which...

Anchor Flotilia of M.A.S.

Via Lungolago Zanardelli,
Large anchor recovered from the bottom of the lake in 2011, weighing 478 kg which served to anchor ...

To the fallen of the Great War

Viale Ugo Foscolo,
Opened in 1937 the Monument next to the Cemetery of Maderno is dedicated to the fallen of the Great...

S. Andrea's Cathedral

Piazza Maderno,
St. Andrew’s cathedral probably built on an ancient pagan temple, using Roman ancient stones, dates...

The Church of Saints Peter & Paul

Piazzale S. Maria del Benaco,
Built in 1584 upon the remains of the old roman parish, it is dedicated to St. Peter. It shows an austere...

The parish church of Maderno dedicated to St. Andrew

P.zza San Marco,
It was built on the ruins of the castle in 1775 and inaugurated in 1825. The bell tower is the only remaining...

Santa Maria del Benaco Sanctuary

P.zza Caduti,
The small Church situated at the back of the parish is dedicated to Santa Maria del Benaco and it boasts...

Santuario della Madonna di Supina

Via Supina,
It is located near the border of Gargnano and a pleasant walk leads to it starting from ...

Chapel dedicated to Mary Immaculate

Piazza S. Marco, 16
Chapel dedicated to Mary Immaculate. It is located on the baptistery, which probably belonged to St....

St. George Church

Via S. Giorgio,
It stands on a hill between the lake and the esplanade of "Brede", an ancient swamp reclaimed by ...

Bernini Park

via Statale Toscolano,
In the centre of Toscolano in Bernini Park you can admire the biggest tree around the lake: a towering...

Serraglio Park

Via Montana,
The park of Serraglio is a public park  and can be visited continuing uphill along the road passing...

Zanardelli Promenade

Via Lungolago Zanardelli,
A long and beautiful walk along the lake allows you to go from the entrance of the Gulf of Maderno starting...

Bulgheroni Palace

Via Benamati,
This palace belonged to the Convent of "Padri Serviti" of San Pietro Martire and its park communicated...

Gonzaga Palace

Via Benamati, 20
It was once a great and sumptuous palace of the noble family of Gonzaga built in 1606 by the Duke Vincenzo....

Villa Zanardelli

Via Roma, 61
It was built by the statesman G. Zanardelli in 1888 as the former President of the Council and Minister...

Maderno Square

P.zza San Marco,
In the past it was characterized by a small beach where washerwomen used to wash clothes and the workers...

The paper mill Valley

Via Valle delle Cartiere,
Paper production began in the 14th century. The valley became a fundamental paper-making center in the...

The port of Toscolano and lemon gardens

Via Porto,
Charming and quiet, the small harbour is surrounded by ancient buildings once inhabited by noble families....

Paper museum

Via Valle delle Cartiere,
0365 641050
The Paper Centre in Maina Inferiore is a fascinating production site that has been converted into ...

The “Nonii Arrii“ Roman Villa

Piazzale S. Maria del Benaco,
Located a few meters before the entrance to the paper mill in Toscolano, the Roman villa of Nonii Arrii...

The mill in Camerata Valley

Via Valle delle Camerate,
It is one of the most interesting sites of Valle delle Cartiere from the point of view of history and...

The Botanical Garden

Via Religione, 25
The experimental orchard inaugurated by doctor Ghirardi in 1964, extends on a surface of about ...


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